What to Eat Series

Whenever I present my system to a new person, it never includes what to eat. I know, a dietitian doing a nutrition consult and we really don’t talk food at first. That’s because change starts with you, not some new recipe. That being said, it’s helpful to learn how to tweak foods you already eat to fit the system, and find new recipes that work.

No food is off limits, but meals must:

Meals keep you full until the next meal (aka help you avoid scrounging)

At least a palm size of protein

Something resembling a vegetable

Eat off a plate that is a reasonable portion

With that being said, last night my wife and I were running behind. We grabbed Chinese take-out. Here is what we did:

BBQ boneless spare ribs: I have no idea what the red sauce is, and maybe I don’t want to, but it’s amazing. Just a small portion. Not perfect, but it’s a tasty protein.

Wonton soup: starch from the noodle, protein from the pork filling, tasty broth aimg_0597nd vegetables. If you’re lucky, you get a shrimp in there. It’s like finding an onion ring in your fries when you were a kid.

Mixed vegetables no sauce: I pour some of the wonton broth in there and enjoy. It’s a good way to make sure you are hitting the vegetable quota.

Overall, not something we do all the time. However, it’s convenient, and we check all the boxes. How much should you eat? Until you are done, not full. If you aren’t stuffed but can go 3-4 hours without being ravenous, you won. If you are hungry an hour later, perhaps next time try a slightly larger portion or include some rice.

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