Is it Really Laziness?

I’m a huge NFL fan. In the offseason, the articles about football tend to be boring because nothing is going on. However, I came across this gem

It talks about a former top draft pick that had very little success since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns. In nutrition terms, the Browns are the trans-fats of the NFL. Nothing good happens.

Here is a quote that really struck me:

“It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL — not having everything scheduled and not having everything like at Alabama where it was so structured,” Richardson said. “We had study hall or we had to get a workout in in between classes and had five classes a day. It was just so structured. In the NFL, everything’s on your own.”

The admission of laziness from Richardson makes sense when considering his career. The running back earned his best season as a rookie. Then his career fell apart as he gained weight.

Now, I don’t think he is lazy. I believe he is someone who just needs more structure around him to succeed. This is true or nutrition and exercise change as well. Without structure, it is hard to succeed.

What do I mean by structure?

Meal structure: do you eat 1 meal, 3 meals, 6 meals? Pick one, and work within it.

Community structure: what is your support system?

When do you wake up and what is the usual morning and night routine?

All of these things give you structure. Without it, we flounder. Some more than others.

Before you make any changes, examine what structure you have. Without it, change is hard(er).

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