Expectations of Nutrition Coaching

When I tell people I do nutrition coaching, they usually smile and nod. They really don’t know what it means. This is because it is a newer, yet more effective way of helping you improve. To some, it sounds like I sit there with a whistle and make you do pushups for every piece of candy you eat. The truth is I love pushups AND candy (Ok, candy more than pushups).

Nutrition coaching is a way for me to stay more connected to you. Knowing somebody is checking in with you and genuinely puts time into making a program work for YOU is a great feeling. I have a coach for exercise, and I love when I get my new program each month. I know he puts thought into the program based around my results and feedback, and I am going to constantly improve. It’s a much nicer feeling than doing a consult, confessing what you currently eat, and getting handed a meal plan.

My nutrition coaching centers everything around you, meets you at your current level, provides no judgement, and gives you confidence in yourself.

My main focus points are:

  • Sleep
  • Meal Structure
  • Food Journal
  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Portion
  • Food quality
  • Community

What these things mean to you may differ from other people. For example, just getting 6 hours of sleep instead of 5.5 may be a game changer. It isn’t this one size fits all program that you either do or don’t do. No dieting. No “on” and “off”. We just improve, daily, weekly, monthly.

It’s rarely about the food. Yes, there are allergies, intolerances, and personal beliefs and preferences. The beauty of the system is that it will work as well for a vegan as it will for someone looking to lose 100lbs and has no idea where to start. The program will fit around your values. Together we remove roadblocks that get in the way of success. You can probably name 50 “healthy” foods right now if I asked you to make a list. Honestly, that’s enough of a start. You or others you may know have probably said “I know what to do, I just need to do it.” This is where nutrition coaching comes in.

How it’s done

Consult either in person or Skype/Facetime/Google chat/phone. Usually about an hour. We identify what areas you need to work on, and how we are going to attack it.

I will follow up with a summary of what we discussed, and the action steps we decided on together.

Every week, we check in for about 15 minutes to review the previous week and game plan for the week ahead.

We decide on a way to track what you are doing, either food journal, daily text, picture journal, written journal, or anything else that will be convenient for you to gain awareness and give us something to work with. So unlimited text/email is included.

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